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Program of Metro ON Line 2016

Date and location: 19. 5. 2016, AquaCity Poprad (

Conference name: Metro ON Line 2016
Conference site: Aquacity Poprad
Conference date: 19.5.2016
„Metro ON Line 2016“
Business Hall
09:00am Registration
09:45am Opening
10:00am How the IPTV platform works,, Jonáš Ševčík

Introducing the platform architecture for keeping your competitiveness. Multiplatforming, scaling and availability. Concept of rights solution for stream content. Possibilities of application into your network. Modulability of system assuring your branding. Configurability of services.
10:20am IoT based on „Low Power Wide Area Networks“, Raycom, Jozef Křišťan

Introducing the systems LoRa and Sigfox. The basic parameters of technologies, differences in networks structure of particular technologies, differences between LPWAN systems and the other IoT systems. The basic information about products and services.
10:40am IoT from Slovanet, Slovanet, Miro Kacz, Marek Engler

What is IoT from Slovanet about and who is it dedicated to, small and large IoT. What do we offer to the partners, the basic attributes and the schema of technology functions.
11:00am Film Film Film, Film Europe!, Film Europe, Tomáš Žondra

The new film channel and the other forms of distribution.
11:05am What Discovery provides for You and what is coming next, Discovery, Marcel Mareš

Introducing Discovery / Eurosport channel portfolio, their main pillars and the key series.
11:25am F5 overview, F5 Networks, Martin Oravec

Types of attacks on ISP networks of nowadays. Security of infrastructure and users with F5 solutions. F5 like a source of new services to customers to network optimalization. Case studies in Europe.
11:45am Awaiting for the J-Day, when organization follows AntiDDOS technology, Labris Networks, Kamil Brylka

The story of some implementation will be presented when technology aheads organization. With smooth case study we will discuss how security solutions decrease its value for organization and how crucial it comes when a security incident like DDoS takes place.
12:05pm Lunch
1:00pm Internet peering node – the way to better experience of the Intenet users, NIX.CZ, Martin Semrád
1:20pm Seizing  IoT business potential in real implementation projects, SOITRON Group, Teodor Škereň

Analysts expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to be the most game-changing ICT initiative since cloud computing in terms of both new business opportunities and IT impact.“ (Gartner, 2016). Main business potential  does not reside in replacement of people effort or legacy technology with the new IoT solutions but in utilisation of data generated by IoT endpoints (sensors, devices etc...). Proper data analytics and new business generating use cases based on analysis and processing of (big) IoT data might be the highest added value of IoT solutions. How to design the IoT solutions in order to obtain higher business value?
1:35pm Flowmon: High-performance Network Traffic Monitoring, Behavior Analytics & DDoS Protection, Flowmon, Roman Čupka

Flowmon Networks solutions in the background of Internet services providers, data centres and operators, enable effective managing of infrastructure and monitoring of network traffic with high rate of analytic possibilities. They identify and solve traffic, high-performance and security problems which are ordinary occured in networks. However, possibilty of their detection is much more difficult. They are specialized mainly on gathering and identifying of localized data, protection against DDoS attacks and detection of various types of abnormalities on the basis of behaviour analysis of network traffic.
1:55pm Claudia – software solution for cloud cameras, Slovak development. HDS, Ing. Miroslav Cvacho, Radoslav Paluga

Slovak development of software for monitoring applied in cloud background. VCA – intelligent image analysis. Introducing the facedetect technology from Panasonic.
2:15pm Excalibur - the future of "painless" authentication, Excalibur, Ing. Ivan Klimek, PhD.

Passwords can no longer protect us. IoT is approaching fast and the current methods of identity verification is not sufficient. Who would have wanted to enter the password in for example Smart home scenarios? Excalibur uses your smartphone to powerful but user-friendly multi-factor identity authentication. It is immediately deployed, as it is compatible with all currently used systems through Active Directory. Do not wait for the future - come with us to create it today!
2:30pm Smart Industry - IoT industrial (r) evolution in Slovakia, the Ministry of Economy, Juraj Hošták

The concept of Smart Industry - Intelligent industry represents for Slovakia a holistic approach to adapting to new technological trends, changes in the industrial structure as a result of digitization and new demands on the part of consumers. The aim of the concept is to make Slovakia the so-called fourth industrial revolution, not only industry, but also the business environment demands on the human zdruje, education system, and the overlap of technology into all areas of life in Slovakia and society as a whole.
2:45pm, ReacDev inc., Daniel Riddell,

The presentation will feature how telco operators can benefit from integrating our multi-screen children's SVOD service and highlight the key features of our platform including our content, parental controls, analytics, global cloud-based infrastructure and personal VOD service "Family Moments" which allows uploading/sharing and viewing of home videos across our devices. The service is compatible with Android/Android TV devices, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TV's, Roku and is also accessible via our web-app interface.
2:45pm GoNet
3:00pm Crowdsourcing the Hyperloop, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Dirk Ahlborn
3:30pm Panel discussion on IPTV and future view

Premium content in television and its international impact. A view of broadcasters delegates and delegates of telecommunication operators from Slovakia and their point of view on changes in our market in the last year. The second part of the discussion is dedicated to stream services and their impact on Internet operators infrastructure.

Discussion participants: Andrej Doležal (rtvs), Zdenko Ryšavý (Markíza), Petr Horák (Nova), Branislav Valo (O2), Ján Forwarczny (ARTOS), Vlastimil Lakatoš (SAKT), Róbert Ťavoda (APKT), Daniel Riddell (, Radim Beňovský (
Techtorial Hall
10:00am Dip into the world of IoT with LoRaWAN, ALEF Distribution, Radim Mutina

One of many ways how to connect things – senzors in the network is using unlicensed ISM zone. During the lecture, you will be aware of technical basements of LoRa/LoRaWAN technologies which work in ISM zones.
10:30am Network technologies for next-gen data centres, Proficomms, Stanislav Pach

Ethernet Fabric technology altogether with new protocols optimalized for data centres as an assurance of high reliability and availability to physical infrastructure for your servers.
11:10am Unicast platorm for IPTV – AVIOS, Korbank S.A., Paweł Paluchowski

It is dubtless that nowadays every ISP needs IPTV. The question is: what kind of IPTV do they need? I will show you unconventional but really effective approach to that issue. AVIOS - Unicast IPTV platform with KORBOX - an Android-based Set Top Box - that is the key of success.
11:40am Transcoding for data transmitting optimalization of television channels, Norman Engineering, Kristian Glezgo

Arris as one of the biggest solution producers for streaming of IP video introduced a new modular transcoder ME-7000. Details of this solution will be presented during the presentation. What is more, we will introduce the whole Arris solution for transmitting to HEVC.
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm OTT and mobile in-home and out-of-home, Hibox Systems, Danny Shaw

Demonstrate the use of mobile apps to allow customers to use the mobile device in-house as a remote control with voice activation.
1:30pm Inovatívna analýza spotreby a IoT, Ceelabs, Peter Feciľak

Prezentácia sa zameriava na zdieľanie skúseností v oblasti SmartMeteringu v rámci pôsobenia univerzitného startupu CEELABS. Téma zahŕňa pohľad na možnosti vyhodnocovania energetických údajov vo vzťahu k IoT a predstavenie vyvíjaného produktu s cieľom vykonania energetickej analýzy na prívodnom vodiči do objektu/domácnosti. Prezentované riešenie umožňuje vo vzťahu k IoT zber, transport a vyhodnotenie dát z bodov merania s identifikáciou spotrebičov a technikami disagregácie profilu spotreby za účelom detekcie neštandardného správania spotrebičov.
1:50pm The future of work – Virtual collaboration and solving the world’s biggest problems, Solved, Radoslav Mizera

Given today’s connected world where global expertise can be accessed online, important environmental problems can now be solved collaboratively by specially created multidisciplinary teams.
14:10pm SDN and NFV for Service Providers, Cisco, Štefan Kollár

This session will review SDN and NFV technologies and use cases for Service Providers. Cisco products and open source projects applicable to Service Provider networks including wide area (WAN), Data Centre (DC) networks. Some key areas that will be covered are NFV Infrastructure (NFVI), Multi-Layer SDN and Segment Routing for SP WAN as well as some examples of relevant virtual network functions (VNF).
14:30-14:45pm Distributed autonomous organizations by Ethereum,Ing. Matej Nemček

The future IoT in smart conracts, DNA of your fridge in distributed networks or when does Skynet start to do Your job?
Free program
4:00pm Relax in the area of Vital World in AquaCity Poprad
6:30pm Blue Diamond Terminator Show
7:30pm Dinner
9:30pm Skynet party

We will shift in the future where the J-Day comes and brings the answer to the question if we ready enough to the new Technologies..



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